Pictures of Biddenham past

There is a new page now in the blog with pictures of Biddenham past. Have a look and see how small the cypress trees in the churchyard were in 1900.

The pictures include these two mystery photographs – we haven’t yet been able to identify where they were taken: can you help? Click on them for a bigger picture.


4 thoughts on “Pictures of Biddenham past”

  1. Really enjoyed seeing these old photos. It would be nice to see some of St James Church during this Christmas. The two are inextricably linked for me and probably quite a few others.

    1. Thanks, Dennis. We hope to add more old photographs of the church, but haven’t found any yet showing it at Christmas times past. Unless you know of any?

  2. Hello

    I am suggest that the top one is Kings Corner taken from Main Road. The second one is probably Biddenham Turn taken from the field by John Esam’s house at 1 Main Road. This house used to be occupied by two doctors but I forget their name it has recently been extensively rebuilt, you could check from the footpath opposite Darlow Drive. Another alternative would be 22 Biddenham Turn taken from where the bungalow has been built next door. I think you may need to look carefully at the roof lines to be certain.


    1. Thanks very much, Graham. We’ll check that out. We had thought possibly King’s Corner or the corner in Day’s Lane near the Bromham Road end for the first photograph but couldn’t pin either down definitively from what one can see now. But it is interesting that you thought King’s Corner too. Thank you again for getting in touch.

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