Biddenham 2035

This page originally dealt with submissions for new housing development on land in the parish of Biddenham  made for inclusion in Bedford Borough Council’s Local Plan for the period up to 2032.

Following a process of consultation but also a reassessment of housing requirements, the period to be covered by the Local Plan has been extended to 2035 and revised documents have been issued for consultation.

An extract from our previous report on the Local Plan 2032 follows. This includes the numbering and photographs of the sites then proposed for development. Plan 2035, as you will see in the consultation documents, retains essentially the site numbers used in Plan 2032 and so the details given in the extract below remain relevant, and a handy reference point here, for considering the proposals in Plan 2035, which are:

Sites considered suitable, available and achievable for development:

Sites numbers 25 and 26 (with 667 as shown in the 2035 Plan); and site 29 (with 691) of which some are:

Preferred sites

Sites 25 and 29 (with 691)

Sites now excluded 

Sites excluded after review are 20 (with 595), 21, 24, 27 (with 551) and 28

Extract from our report on Plan 2032

The submissions cover together most of the remaining green spaces of any size in the village. Should any of them be included in the plan approved by the Council and eventually developed, those open spaces would be lost to the village forever. We don’t know yet whether all, some or none of these areas of land will be included in the plan. Even if none are included, they may well be resurrected when the plan for the period after 2032 is formulated.

Which is why a visual record of those sites today is so important. Photographs taken to date are included below. Not all the areas are easily accessible for photographs to be taken and so some for the time being have photographs indicating the location of rather than the area of land itself. If a better record can be obtained it will be posted.

Site 20 – land at 21 – 41 Church End

Site 21 – land at 29 Day’s Lane

The area of land itself has not been photographed – it is behind the hedges shown in these photographs

Site 22 – land at Bromham Road

Similarly, the area of land concerned is behind the hedge shown in these photographs

Site 23 – land at Gold Lane

The plan submitted for this site shows that it comprises large areas of land which are also shown on the plans for sites 28 and 29. Photographs of the remaining areas of land in those sites which are not included in site 23 are shown below under site 28 and site 29

Site 24 – land east of Vicars Close

Site 25 – Tree tops 2, Bromham Road

Site 25

The area of land concerned is to the rear of the properties shown in this photograph

Site 26 – Tree Tops, Bromham Road

site 26.1

The area of land concerned is to the rear of these properties

Site 27 – land off Vicars Close

Site 28 – land at Green Farm

site 28a.1

Site 29 – land at Green Farm, site 2



2 thoughts on “Biddenham 2035”

  1. There is a development proposal to build 300 houses and a commercial centre on land adjacent and west of Gold Lane Biddenham. Although proposed via the 2032 Local Plan the developer wants to build 50 houses in 2017 and then 50 houses per year. My objection would be that Biddenham has many thousands of houses being built all around it already and it would be unfair for further building to be allowed adjacent to Gold Lane Biddenham.
    Biddenham should not be joined up with Bromham by building on land West of Gold Lane. Coalescence between Biddenham and Bromham would change the nature of the area for the worst.

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